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Julie treats symptoms of anxiety, stress, worry, panic attacks, trauma & sadness while you reveal only the details you wish to share.  This is possible because your unconscious mind already knows all the details – that’s where the healing and release happens. 


We come into this world with an empty cauldron, so to speak.  Over time, the events in our lives fill it up and when the cauldron overflows, symptoms begin to show. We can also develop excessive repetitive patterns when we try to push the symptoms (feelings) back down.  With hypnosis, you can process trauma out of the body, resulting in positive changes that last.     



Are you doing something too much – eating too much, smoking too much, drinking too much, gambling too much or doing something else too much, and want to stop?  Change repetitive, unhealthy patterns in your unconscious mind with hypnosis.  Hypnosis can help get to the underlying cause of why you have these habits and help resolve the issue and rid yourself of the problem.   Hypnosis can make the process easier.  

Let Julie help you make better choices and live your best life. 

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Everyone’s problems are unique.  Discuss your challenges with Julie, and she can develop a customized program that's unique to you.  She wants to help you create the life you want and deserve.   

Other areas where hypnosis can create lasting change, include such things as fears, phobias, illness, grief and loss, pain management, self sabotage, improved learning experience/effective learning & exam taking, hypnobirthing & infertility.

FIVE DAY BRAIN CLEANSE - Do you want to experience significant shifts in a short amount of time?  Try five days of hypnosis within a 1 week period for 1 to 1.5 hours/day.   Julie experienced this herself several times and felt an inner peace and calmness as well as increased contentment and happiness in her life.  

Past life Regression and Inter-Life Regression and Future Life Progression can be used for fun and/or healing.  Do you have fears or phobias that are unfounded; things in your life that don't make sense; a set of skills that don't seem to fit with your family history; a person in your life you are magnetically drawn to almost like you've known them before; are you drawn to someone who causes problems or hardships in your life, or are you just curious about who you were in another life?   Then regression could be your answer.   

Past-Life Regression sessions can be a wonderful opportunity & gift to yourself promoting personal healing, spiritual growth, satisfaction of your own curiosities, release of negative symptoms, release of irrational fears, phobias, traumas and karmas, understanding your gifts (talents), getting to the meaning of your life's purpose or healing and understanding relationships.   

In Inter-Life Regression sessions you visit the space that the soul calls home, a place for higher healing.  A place to learn more about your life purpose, to explore soul family connections, and to experience being in the energy and presence of a loved one who has passed.  It is a place of profound healing, clarity, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and peace.  

Future-Life Progression focuses on hypnotic guidance to a potential future self so that you may have the teaching, experiences and wisdom from the future experience now.   It's important to realize that your future progressions are based on your current life track and perceptions.  It is hopeful that you can reflect on knowing what you can choose and do in your life now to influence the potential future.

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" I was suffering from addictions, trauma and regrets.  Julie helped me escape my negative thought patterns and self-destructive behaviors.  I felt noticeably calmer, happier and more confident after only a few sessions.  I wish I had tried hypnosis years ago"


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