Julie treats anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and depression without clients revealing any details. This is possible because your unconscious mind already knows all the details—that’s where the healing and release happens. Create life-changing events with your own real hidden resources and resolve most of the issue, if not all of it, in just one session, producing positive change that lasts.


Learn to love yourself and think and act like a thin person. Change repetitive, unhealthy patterns in your unconscious mind with hypnosis. Hypnosis really can help make this process easier. It can help you find the underlying cause of why you overeat and avoid cravings to stay on track. Let Julie help you make better choices and live your best life.


Everyone’s problems are unique. Discuss with Julie your challenges, and she can develop a customized program of hypnosis that’s unique to you. Julie wants to help you create the life you want and deserve.


What is the purpose of life? Why did I choose this life? Have I lived before? SoulKey therapy can help you unlock your hidden knowledge and resources using past-life and Life Between Lives regression, along with healing and intuition.



 “I recently received trauma hypnosis from Julie. It was such a beautiful experience. I had no idea 90 minutes had passed. It felt like 15 minutes. She brought me to places in my childhood that I had forgotten about—beautiful places and places of healing. I completely loved the entire experience. Julie is a gifted healer, and she will help guide you on your path. She cares deeply about the people she helps. I recommend anyone to do any work with Julie. She knows what she’s doing!”


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